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Are you looking for top quality interpretation, translation, or translation review services?

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Reliable interpretation for your remote and in-person meetings and conferences.

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Translation & Interpretation Services

Valdes Language Services, LLC provides top quality interpretation, translation, and translation review services with the goal of bridging the language gap in the United States and guided by the core values of community, inclusion, integrity, and empathy.

With over 13 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of clients with interpretation, translation, and translation review services all over the world.

We work with professional service organizations and companies that share our passion in ensuring Limited English Proficiency speakers have access to services and resources available to native English speakers.

These include regional agencies and organizations, non-profit and community based organizations, food justice, healthcare, mental health, wellness, business, personal and professional development, education, gender equality, immigration justice, language justice, and climate justice.

what our clients are saying

“Laura is an efficient and accurate translator. She provided professional and high quality services as a simultaneous interpreter and as a translator of documents in an international development event and program.” – Manuela Pinilla Rodriguez, Country Director for Build Change

“Laura was top-notch! She helped me with a translation that I needed in a short turnaround time. She was patient, kind, and intuitive, and provided excellent and thorough Spanish-to-English translation at a very advanced level! Very thankful for her help and time. HIGHLY recommend! :)” – Camille I., Virginia

“Laura was great to work with – I contacted her and she immediately responded to my request. She was professional, kind and efficient with exceptional high quality work. I had my translated document back within 24 hrs. I would definitely contact her again.” – Kathy H., Michigan